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Client: hapido

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"We had an amazing experience working with App Factory. Drew and his team were able to quickly grasp the idea and delivered a successful MVP in less than 4 weeks. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks guys!”

Rafael + Mariana Weigand



Client: Treatise

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“App Factory’s experience and expertise was critical in getting Treatise’s MVP to market.

The unique collection of professionals Drew has assembled left no doubt that App Factory was

the partner we were looking for to help make our launch a success.”

Mike Gorback, David Kestenbaum, Jordan Everekes






You bring the brilliant idea and we bring the on-point execution -- a team of experts rooting for your success. Each project begins with a two-day strategy and design session where we define the mvp, create the wireframes, and give you a technical roadmap to bring your idea to life.

Wireframes are a good start, but you need a graphic designer to design an app. Good design is critical for making the mvp beautiful, delightful, and easy to use. You'll work with our expert designer to help us create a design that ignites your vision.

The real magic begins at development. Anyone who develops software knows that expert developers mean the difference between a 5-week project and a 15-week project. Execution is critical and it's what App Factory does best. Our expert developers ensure you launch quickly, efficiently, and without future burdens of technical debt. We've never had a single project miss a deadline or go over-budget.


Drew Gorham

Product Manager

Since 2011, Drew has designed and managed over 100 mobile apps on iOS and Android for clients ranging from early-stage startups, to Fortune 100 companies. Beginning as a mobile developer, Drew’s curiosity and enthusiasm led him to new creative challenges, getting hands-on with mobile strategy and UX design. His Codecademy score is 1,071.

Jayde Fish


Jayde Fish is an internationally featured designer and illustrator, specializing in app design, branding, and illustration. Her past clients include Facebook, Google, Airbnb,

and Vanity Fair. She believes that beautiful and smart design is

integral to your app’s success.

Marie-Clare Gorham

Content Manager

Marie-Clare develops the voice of our customers by defining project goals and requirements for content, tone, and style. She leads the creation of copy as part of visual design, and collaborates with our technical team to ensure alignment between content and design.  She is the former Event Producer for Singularity University.



  • I have this app idea, how do I get it built?


    • Do it yourself over 2-12 months
    • Find a hacker to join for equity
    • Use an agency and pay hard cash
    • Optimize with the AppFactory


    Full Answer

    There are four options for someone looking to build an app

    1) You can teach yourself how to code and build it yourself

    • With no development background this will take at least one year (~1,000 hours of work) to get started on your project
    • With some coding experience, you're looking at about six months (~500 hours) to become proficient enough at iOS
    • With a heavy technical background, it's more like two months (~200 hours) to become proficient at iOS


    2) You can get a technical co-founder

    • Founder-dating
    • Findyourcofounder.com

    There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach:


    • Because they take equity, technical co-founders are usually cheaper
    • They’re deeply invested in the success of your project
    • They participate in the strategy of your project


    • Technical co-founders are really hard to find, (read: unicorns)
    • Meeting with different potential co-founders takes up a lot of time
    • They have a limited skill set -- they’re only one person
    • They typically require 30-40% equity commitment


    3) You can hire a freelance developer or mobile agency

    This approach too, has its advantages and disadvantages. Finding any freelance developer is easy, finding good freelance developers is pretty hard. The same goes with agencies.


    • Widely available
    • Broad range of skill sets-- you can find a freelancer for just about anything. Pivoting from iOS to android? Just hire a new freelancer!


    • Expensive, and they tend to want to increase the price tag by including lots of (unnecessary) features
    • Typically, both freelancers and agencies have little-to-no stake in your company’s success
    • Difficult to do quality control - you have to learn who you like to work with, and that takes time
    • Both agencies and freelancers are typically not designed to work with startups


    4) You can hire App Factory

    At App Factory, we have created a hybrid approach marrying the advantages of a technical co-founder with the advantages of a mobile agency.

    We combine the broad expertise and adaptability of an agency with the cost-effective support of a technical co-founder. This creates our unique ability to execute quickly and efficiently, while aligning your success with our success.



  • How involved should I be in the process?

    Clients can be as involved as they want to be. Our clients are most satisfied when they are more heavily involved in the Strategy & Design Session and in the bug-testing of the product.

    This ensures that the product matches your vision, enables you to quickly learn about your target market, and gives you invaluable product development experience.

    We believe every founder should have some understanding how the sausage is made . . . but leave the coding to us.

  • Can I build an app in exchange for equity?

    If you decide to make App Factory your strategic partner, we offer equity discounts for our services. For every 1% equity, we offer a 6% discount on all of our services for the lifetime of your company. The maximum discount is 30%, which can be achieved in exchange for 5% equity.

    Our equity exchange model is completely optional. About 70% of our clients take advantage of this option.

  • How much does an app cost?

    The scope of the project depends on the complexity of the app. Is this a social media app, or a simple utility app?

    At AppFactory, we try to eliminate optional, expensive features for an MVP. As a result, our MVPs for startups typically fall in the $20-40k range.


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